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Measuring Is Key!!!

November 22, 2013

Have you ever gotten home from the store only to find that the new storage item you bought does not fit in your closet?  Or the colorful new storage container will not hold everything you intended for it to hold?  Oops----- you must have forgotten to MEASURE FIRST!

Regardless of the project, measure the space before you buy organizing or re-modeling products.  Take these measurements to the store with you , and you will buy the right products the first time....

Let's use a junk drawer as an example.  The drawer should be measured for height, width and depth.  Expandable inserts for organizing drawers are available in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colors.  Our favorite is one is the The Everything Organizer,

We like to call this "the junk drawer for dummies"      

(available on Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond or The Container Store) which comes complete with stickers for each compartment - the perfect "junk drawer for dummies" helper.

Need a closet make-over?  Simple closet systems are available at do-it-yourself stores for those who are handy with tools.  Floor based systems are available through closet design companies and can range from plain wood to cherry finishes.  Measuring is once again the key to success!  Measure the amount of clothes you wish to have in the closet - be sure to separate longer items (dresses and pants) from shorter hanging items (blouses and jackets) so you have enough rod space.


Double your closet hanging space!    

Shorter items can be double-hung on two rods to maximize the use of space.  Check out the Closet Doubler photo.  Don't forget to allow for shoes, shelves for sweaters, tie racks or other hooks you might wish to have in your new closet.  All of these items will factor into the design and help you determine where to measure for each type of clothing and the best fit.

Thanks for reading,

JoEllen & Muffy

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