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The Cost of Becoming More Organized

November 11, 2008

When the Organizing 4 U team meets with prospective customers we are usually met with disbelief at the amount of time it will take to reach their goals.  If you are like them, you start thinking about the amount of time it would take you to organize a particular space, then you start calculating the cost based upon an hourly rate. 

But if you work with the Organizing 4 U team, you will be able to accomplish your goals faster because there will be three of us working together.  We will be keeping you on task as we customize a system just for you and offering tips along the way. 

Now, start adding up the cost of all of those late fees, and purchases made for items you know you already own but cannot find.  Then include a price on the hours you spend every week looking for lost things.  Balance that with the feeling that you will have when you are once again in control and able to retrieve each item or piece of paper right when you need it-----like the commercial says-----PRICELESS!

We recently posted some new before and after photos.  Be sure to check them out on our photos page.  Do any of the before scenes look like a room you want to re-organize?  Think that it will cost thousands of dollars?  Think again.  All of the areas you see cost less than one thousand dollars, some less than $500.  Do you want to know how much it will cost for you to be more organized?  Organizing 4 U offers free estimates.

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