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The cost of hiring a Professional Organizer

April 1, 2009

Many people do not hire a professional organizer because they think it will be too expensive.  They see the hourly rate, think about the amount of time that they have spent on a project without results, do the math and decide the price will be something that they cannot possibly afford.

What the Professional Organizer does, however, is help with the actual hands-on organizing, keep the customer on task, and offer advice on how to stay organized.  All in record time!

The Organizing 4 U team helped organize a home based office last week in less than 4 hours.  There were papers on every surface, including the floor, plus other papers hidden away.  In addition, there was no filing system, and the desk was so cluttered that many hours had already been wasted looking for lost things.  If the business owner had done this alone, it would have easily taken 12, 15, or 20 hours.  Instead, with three of us working (the customer + the Organizing 4 U team), all was done quickly.  During the time we were there we found homes for all the paper, set up a filing system, customized a desk-top system to keep track on ongoing projects, organized desk drawers, and most importantly taught the skills that are necessary to keep the office clutter free in the future.  All for less than $500!

We recently helped a homeowner organize a home office with a unique ‘filing' system with products she never even knew existed, set up a customized craft area, found more space in the kitchen, and maximized storage capacity in other areas of the home.  A total transformation for less than $1000.

Do you want to be more efficient in your home or office?  Do you spend too many hours looking for lost things?  Are you overwhelmed?

Organizing 4 U offers free estimates and affordable solutions.

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