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The L in SIMPLE Organizing Steps

March 11, 2013

For the last four weeks we have shared with you our organizing tips about sorting, identifying categories, maximizing your use of space, and putting things away in their proper homes.

The logical next step in the process is:

      Let go

Some people say the hardest part of organizing is letting go of things.  Cable TV shows have families put all of their belongings on the front lawn and return only 1/2 to their homes.  Organizing 4 U  believes you should part with items which are no longer useful to you and no longer bring you joy!

How does one decide?  Try sorting items in each space into 3 piles – trash, keep and donate.  Share items you no longer need with those who do.  Try keeping a donation bag or box handy and add to it on an ongoing basis – the next time a charity calls for a neighborhood pick up, you will be ready!

Feel the relief of lightening your load and “let go” of the excess.  Peter Walsh, author of “It’s All Too Much”, believes our society encourages us to have too much “stuff”.  So join the fun and organize your home or office today.  We guarantee the lighter load will make you feel better right away.  One of our customers said “I feel like I just lost 100 pounds!!!”

Let’s take a look at the candle drawer

L w wm

Look at all of the items the homeowner let go of!!!!  We see broken and mostly used candles, potpourri, a candle stand, a box, incense, ribbon, etc.  How did they ever find a candle in there!!???

What interesting items have you found when cleaning out a drawer or cupboard?

Thanks for reading,

JoEllen & Muffy

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