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A Guide to Organizing Your Arts & Crafts

We have worked with a lot of individuals who are creative, and as you may know, the creative side of the brain does not always communicate well with the organizing side of the brain. Some of our customers have been professional artists, some devote a lot of time to a hobby, and others are developing the artistic skills of their children.  Whatever the situation, we are called upon to organize the supplies in a manner that can be easily maintained in the future.  After all, the less time you spend searching for things, the more time you will have to be creative.

In honor of

National Craft Month,

we would like to offer you some tips on organizing your creative side.

  • Select the area where you will be engaging in the activity.  Not all of us are fortunate enough to have an entire room or studio, and even if we do, the sewing machine or scrapbooking table are often sharing space with the guest bedroom or rec room.  Where ever the place may be, the important thing is to have all of the supplies close at hand.  This could be a craft closet, a free standing craft cupboard or a portable container.  A container on wheels is ideal when rolling out supplies to the kitchen table for a special craft time activity.

  • Select storage containers that fit your style.  It seems there is a special storage container for almost every craft or hobby.  Before purchasing anything you should consider the size of the container you will need, the transparency of the container, and whether or not you already have something in your home that will work.  For example, these clear produce containers are perfect for holding light weight supplies.  

  • Take advantage of vertical space!  This can be with shelves, pegboards, stacking storage containers or wall mounted storage.  One of our favorites is the use of towel bars to store stamping supplies. Consider a high shelf to store supplies that are extras, that you do not use very often or that need to be kept out of the way of pets or small children.

  • Return items to their homes.  Always build in some time to put things away.  This is especially true if the activity is in an area shared by others---like the kitchen table!  But even if you do have a dedicated space, you will find it much more relaxing to enter that space again when it is not the center of clutter chaos.  If you are right in the middle of a project, and putting everything away is not that easy, then consider a separate shelf, storage tub or basket as temporary storage.

  • Establish a filing system for plans, ideas and resources that you wish to refer to.  This can be on the computer, or in a cloud with a program like Evernote, or in a dedicated file drawer, or tote.  Keeping this information easily accessible should be your primary goal.



For more visuals on storage ideas for your creative area, be sure to visit our Organizing Arts & Crafts board on Pinterest.

Happy Organizing,

        JoEllen & Muffy


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