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A New Way of Counting

A friend of ours recently forwarded an article from the New York Times that we would like to share with you.  In his essay Let Me Count the Days, James Collins performs some mathematical computations and realizes that he "owned more staples than I could possibly is in my lifetime, or several of my lifetimes." He goes on to say that "Nothing says mortality like the realization that you will live only long enough to use up 3.2 percent of your office supplies." 

This newsletter is not about life expectancy, but rather a different perspective on the amount of anything that you own or are thinking of owning.  What has come to your mind as you read this? 

  • Is it your supply of staples or other office supplies?  How many do you actually use in a week/month/year?  Is buying in bulk really going to be less expensive if you only use half of what you have purchased?  Plus, the added cost of storing (and finding) the extras?
  • How many un-read books are on your night stand and/or book shelf?  Like, Mr. Collins, perhaps you should think about how many books you actually read a month, and then be more selective in your purchases or requests from the library.
  • Magazines?  How many subscriptions do you receive vs the number of magazines that you really read?  Is there some thinning out that can take place?
  • What about all the bags you have been saving for another use?  Whether they are paper, plastic or gift bags, think about how much of a supply you really need to keep on hand.  You know that there will always be more coming into your home. 
  • Do you shop at place like Costco or Sam's Club?  Buying in bulk will save you money, but will you be able to eat what you have purchased before the expiration date?

These examples could go on and on, but we think that you probably get the picture. Remember, the more things you have the more things you need to care for: to dust, to store, to read, to find.....  Is any of that causing you stress?  Like Mr. Collins, take out your calculator and do some math. 

We hope we have inspired you with this perspective.

Have an enjoyable 4th!!!

                                               JoEllen and Muffy


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