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April Fool!

In honor of April Fools Day, we thought we would provide some humor about our services.  

The Organizing 4 U team only works with individuals who hoard.  April Fool!  This is definitely not true.  In fact most of those we work with are in need of our services because they are overwhelmed due to a situation in their lives that interfered with, and upset, the normal routine.  The situations include moving, a new job, a new baby, someone died and items were inherited, an illness, etc.  We bring the resulting disorganization back to normal for our customers so they are once more in control.

The Organizing 4 U team will bring in a dumpster when they come to my house.  April Fool!  We have been helping individuals become more organized for almost 15 years, and in that time we have brought in a dumpster only once.  

As part of their process Organizing 4 U encourages their customers to purchase a lot of organizing products.  April Fool!  We almost never suggest purchasing any more products than the customer already has on hand.  These containers we find have many times become part of the clutter. 

When the Organizing 4 U team is finished with a project, it will stay organized on its own.  Sorry, April Fool!  We may be good, but not that good.  We always educate our customers on how to maintain the organization in the future, so it does not revert back to being overwhelming again.

The Organizing 4 U team sets up the same filing system for all their customers.  April Fool!  We actually each have different ideas on how to customize a system for managing paper.  This is good because it allows our customers to process these alternatives and incorporate their personal preferences.  The last thing we need is customers frequently calling us because of misplaced documents.

JoEllen's and Muffy's homes are perfectly organized, and should be photographed for major style magazines.  HA!!!  Not exactly true.  While we do have homes for things, we too get overwhelmed and the systems we each have also deteriorate.  When that happens, we schedule some time and bring things back to "normal".

We hope you have enjoyed the diversion this month, and learned a little more about our services.

Happy Spring,

JoEllen & Muffy


P.S.  Hoarding is no joke.  You can learn more about hoarding at Hoarding: OMG! What Do I Do Now?, This is the 6th Annual Conference put on by the Hoarding Connection of Cuyahoga County.

Hoarding: OMG! What Do I Do Now?

Friday April 13th 8:30-4:30

Embassy Suites Cleveland-Rockside

5800 Rockside Woods Blvd N, Independence, OH

This conference will explore the identification of hoarding situations, assessment of individuals who hoard, community responses and available interventions, and treatment options for those who are diagnosed with hoarding disorder. 

Keynote Speaker: Randy Frost, PhD, Smith College, co-author of Buried in Treasures.

Sponsored by the ADAMHS Board of Cuyahoga County with support from Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging.

Registration at 8am. Program starts at 8:30am.

Application has been made for 6.25 continuing education credits for building inspectors, counselors, social workers, and sanitarians.

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