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Fall Clean-Up and Foliage

Finding it hard to believe that fall is officially just around the corner?  I think we all are glad to get back into our routines but sad to summer go...follow our advice below and find the time to enjoy the fall foliage in the Metroparks!

Fall provides us with the opportunity to clean up our yards and our houses!  As the weather becomes a  bit cooler, pull the last of the weeds, fertilize the lawn, plant some pretty bulbs for the spring and clean out the garage.  The best way to tackle the garage is to take everything out, sweep and return all useful items to the garage.  You will likely be surprised how many things belong inside the house or can be tossed.  Donate any items which you no longer need.

Once the yard is in order, head inside for some more fun!  We recommend taking a donation bag or box and going to each room to see what you can easily part with.  Pretend that you are in someone else's house, looking at it for the first time.  Too many pictures, books or nick knacks?  Although we know this is hard to do, the end result of thinning out these items will make you and your house feel lighter!

Children's rooms can be especially difficult.  Ask your kids to participate in the process; donating toys, stuffed animals, etc. that are no longer age appropriate is a wonderful idea and teaches children the value of "passing it on".  Items which are treasured can be stored in plastic tubs (be sure to label the contents on the outside) and placed in an attic or basement.  Banker's boxes are an ideal way to store children's books you would like to save for the next generation.

Overwhelmed by the amount of stuff in your attic or basement?  Pick a place to start and work your way around the space.  Start small is one of our mantras, and this is especially true when facing a large task.  Spread the sessions out and keep them in reasonable time blocks which you can stick to.  Rarely do we have a whole day to work on a project but an hour or two at a time will really help!  If your basement or attic is damp or has extreme heat or cold, be careful what you store there so valuable items are not damaged.

Whatever project you choose this fall, start small and keep at it until you have accomplished your goal.  This will inspire you to move onto the next project!  Your reward is an enjoyable space in your home and the time to take a hike!

Happy Fall! 

Muffy and JoEllen

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