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Has the Weather Affected Your Organizing? + Answers

WOW, what a Winter this has been for us in Northeast Ohio!  We haven't had to do a lot of shoveling of snow and, although there have actually been a couple of days when the schools were closed, for most of us this has been the mildest winter we can remember.  

Did all this nice weather upset your plans to tackle some organizing projects that were on your list of New Years Resolutions?  We completely understand! It is very hard to get motivated to organize a messy closet when you would rather be taking a walk in the woods on such a nice day in the middle of winter.  It's so easy to tackle a basement that has been neglected when there are piles of snow outside, and you don't want to go anywhere, but who wants to hide from the sunshine and the birds singing?

So, let's blame the weather!  .....or not......  This is really about setting priorities and getting some things done.  As we often say: "Put it on your calendar."  If you established something as a goal,  (a New Years Resolution for example) then you need to think about steps to complete that goal.  Any project taken in smaller steps will be easier than completing it all at once.  If you think it will take you four hours to organize your closet, then break the task down into manageable chunks; it could be 15, 30 or 60 minutes at a time.  This slow, steady progress will allow you to work on that project and not be cooped up inside (doing a task you might not enjoy) on a beautiful day.  Remember to schedule that time, and if something comes up like beautiful weather, a winter cold, or company stopping by, then be sure to reschedule it!

If you have trouble sticking to this even though you have the best of intentions, then enlist the help of a friend.  Organizing 4 U was a recent guest on a panel discussion for Empowering Young Retirees, led by Anja Sassenberg-DeGeorgia of Forward Life Coaching.  She challenged her attendees to focus on 15 minutes a day and to also use a 'Clutter Buddy' to keep them accountable.  This might be something that could work for you.  That person does not need to be right there helping you - it could be just a telephone call every day or two to help you keep on task.

This past week we worked with a couple with an entire file drawer filled with manuals and warranties. They wanted to thin out this drawer and dispose of manuals for products they no longer owned.  We suggested making a date, putting on some music and/or opening a bottle of wine and getting the task done quickly and together.  The task will be quickly completed with an added element of making it fun. (Wine might not be the best idea for every task, but music is often a great motivator.)

We hope these tips help you to move forward on your goals,

JoEllen & Muffy

 Organizing 4 U Answers You!

Thanks for the questions you have been sending to us, we will answer them each month with our newsletter.  One of you asked what to do with: items we want to get rid of, but they are "too nice" for the garbage, but "not nice enough" to give away If they are 'too nice' for the garbage, then perhaps someone will find some use for them.  As examples: appliances can be taken apart and their components repurposed, clothing that has been torn can be used as rags in machine shops or as stuffing for furniture, and artisans find uses for items that we would not think of.  If you have a question about what a charity will accept, then contact that charity (see our January newsletter) and see what they will and will not accept.  You can also consider recycling items.  Earth911 will provide you with recycling solutions in your area.

Send your organizing question to with Question in the subject line.


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