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National Simplify Your Life Week

WOW it's already August!  Are you wondering when those lazy days of summer are supposed to happen?  If you have not yet found them, this month we will give you some tips on (as our tag line suggests) .....making life simple.  The first week of August is National Simplify Your Life Week, and if you take this first week of the month to start the simplifying, pretty soon you will be learning new habits to continue on throughout the year, so your life will always be simplified.

Over the past 14 years, we have helped hundreds of individuals in their homes and businesses to make life simple.  All of these individuals have had a vision of what that simplified life would look like.  We suggest that you also create that picture in your mind, as you read our tips, for three areas that we have seen contribute to an unsimplified life.

First, and what most people think of when they hear about organizing,  is stuff....all of our belongings that give us comfort, or at least that is what we believe.  Think about all those things and consider what items you do not need or use or love.  If you parted with some of those would your life be simpler?  If you had fewer clothes in the drawers would it be easier to find the item you really want to wear?  If there were fewer clothes in your closet would the process of deciding what to wear each day be less stressful?  If you had fewer books and/or knick-knacks on your shelves would it be easier for you to dust and care for them?  If you had fewer utensils in the kitchen drawers, would it be easier to find the one that you truly need?

Secondly, consider paper.  We do not yet have a paperless world, but you can reduce the amount of paper coming into your home by going to The National Do Not Mail List or Opt Out Prescreen.  To stop unwanted catalogs, go to Catalog Choice.  You will not see the effect immediately, but if you act now there will be a lot less in your mail box before the onslaught during the holiday shopping season.  Consider going paperless for your bills, and you will no longer need to file all those receipts that are probably never viewed again.  If you want to stay with a paper filing system, then we suggest that you keep the system as simple as possible.  For example, instead of having a file for each utility and credit card, create a file that is Paid Bills.  If you always file the receipt in the front or in the rear of the file, you will be able to find it easily if you actually need it again.

Finally, think of ways they your can simplify your time.  Is your To-Do list too long?  Think about what is really important in terms of your daily and weekly priorities, then schedule time on your calendar to get those most important things done.  Is there someone else in your office that can help you out on a project or some filing?  At home, consider enlisting other able bodied family members to help with meals, cleaning, laundry and yard work.  You might even consider hiring someone to help out when everything is just too overwhelming.  The reward will be having more time to spend doing more enjoyable things in life.

We hope these tips will help!  What are you going to do with all the time you have saved by living a more simplified life?  

Enjoy these summer days,

JoEllen & Muffy






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