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Organizing Books and Magazines

Had we not started Organizing 4 U, JoEllen and I would have loved to own a bookstore.  We love to read!  And like you, we have many books, newspapers and magazines and now on-line favorites.  Figuring out where to keep all of this reading material can be challenging.

When we enter a new home or office, we tend to look up in every room.  So many of us fail to utilize our vertical space.  Adding bookcases or hanging bookshelves on the wall is often an easy solution to easing the clutter.  Once books are on the shelves, they can be further organized by type of book(fiction versus business, autobiography vs. historical, etc.), alphabetically, or by size.  Some people are very particular about their sorting while others are just happy to have them off the floor!  Whatever works for you and your family is just fine.

When you have outgrown all of the bookcases and shelves, it is time to part with some books.  We know how hard this can be, but the reality is we will never read most of our saved books a second or third time.  So share them with others by passing them on!  Some outlets include; donating books to Goodwill, schools, the library or the annual CWRU book sale (call 216-368-2090),  or sell them to Half-Price Books.  You can also call our friend Rodger Williams of Crestview Books (614-208-2698), as he often buys books and resells them. 

Collecting newpaper articles is a favorite pastime for lots of people.  If you do save articles to read later, be sure to tear them out and put them aside in a folder or file that is near your favorite reading place.  Do not save the whole section of the paper because your stack will become enormous in no time.  If you save lots of articles, it might be best to separate them by subject - recipes, books to read, gardening ideas,etc.  Then you will know right where to go when looking for new design ideas for the garden or a new recipe for dinner.  Portable File ToteJoEllen likes to use a portable file tote like the one pictured here.  She can then sit in a comfy chair, sort the articles she wants to save, and they will be easy to file away into a new home later.

The same concept holds true for magazines which seem to multiply in the family room.  Cutting out an article or two and recycling the magazine is an excellent way to keep up with the volume of mail which comes in.  A specific basket or magazine holder is also a great way to limit what you keep - when the basket is full, it is time to make room for the new ones and dispose of the old!

Try a few of these tricks as part of your spring clean-up efforts and we are sure you will find they help control the clutter and help you to find things when you need them.   

We are pretty sure that spring is about to spring...this is April after all! 

                                   Happy Spring!!!

                                  Muffy and JoEllen

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