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Our Top Three Tips Will Help With ALL of Your Resolutions!

Happy New Year!

Thanks for subscribing to and reading our monthly newsletter.  We hope that our advice has helped you lead a more organized lifestyle.  All of this advice is based upon our years of experience and the Top Ten Tips that we offer on our website.  Now you can use them to help you with ALL (at least several) of your New Year's Resolutions!

According to an article in Time, the top three New Year's Resolutions are:

Losing weight

Getting organized

Spending less money

If you have made one of these Resolutions, then read on.....  We want to let you know how our favorite Top Ten Organizing Tips can help you with all three.

Our favorite tip is to Start Small.  Don't think of organizing the entire kitchen or office.   Rather,  select a drawer, shelf or cupboard, and organize one area at a time.  By the same token,  don't suddenly start a strict diet that is a radical change from your current habits; rather, try eliminating one unhealthy culprit at a time.  To spend less money, you could gradually reduce the number of fancy coffees you purchase each week.

Our tip to Sort and Toss is obviously relevant to the organizing process.  Get rid of that which you no longer need or enjoy.  If you have duplicate or unused tools in the kitchen or office and donate those items, you will have an easier time finding what you need the next time you need it.  Do you love to cook and want to create more healthy meals?  Then sort through your recipes and toss any that are not consistent with your plans.  Want to spend less at the grocery store?  Then keep a running list of what you need, and remember to take it with you to the grocery.  This will avoid purchasing unnecessary items and also return trips that waste time and gas.

When you Assign Things A Proper Home you will know where to look for something the next time you need it.  This will also help you eliminate clutter because items will have homes to go to.  In the kitchen,  it is a good idea to store your spices close to the area where you do meal preparation.  For the office, keep those files that are on your priority list close to where you will be using them.  One cause of weight gain is the tendency to graze and eat mindlessly between meals.  By determining eating times, and snack times, you will have more control over what you consume.  Spend less money=saving more money.  Keep track of your checking, savings and investments with an easy for you to use filing/storage system.

See if you can use these tips for some of your other Resolutions like being more efficient at work, spending more time with family and/or exercising more.

Good luck with your goals for 2015.  If you would like us to address a specific organizing topic in a future newsletter, please let us know by sending and email to

 We hope you have a Healthy, Happy and Organized New Year,

                    JoEllen & Muffy






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