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Plan Ahead For Your New Year's Resolutions

Have you thought about what your New Year's resolutions will be?  For those who choose some, the second most popular choice is to become better organized!  (The first being to lose weight).  Perhaps that is why our National Association of Professional Organizisers (NAPO) chose January as Get Organized Month...

We find that our clients wish they had better control of the paper that flows in and out of their homes and offices.  Mounds of paper can be daunting and it is easier to walk away from it than to tackle it!  We have some ideas about how your offices can be better organized and a great place to work.

Let's begin by organizing your space - look around your desk area and look up as well.  Have you utilized the vertical space near your desk for shelves which can hold binders and books? Perhaps a vertical desk organizer is all you need to sort some of the papers that have ended up in stacks.  Are your pens and clips in containers or strewn all over your desktop?  Simply placing these items in containers will make for a more peaceful desk.

Mail flow is an important aspect in keeping your office less cluttered.  We recommend using "In" and "Out" boxes to keep these sorted.  Bils to be paid, reading to do, RSVPs, etc. can go in the "In" box and when they are processed and ready to be filed or mailed, utilize the "Out" box.  Be sure to recycle the junk mail right away so your incoming box does not get too full.

Develop a simple filing system which works for you!  If you are a visual person, perhaps manila folders next to your desk is best.  Filing cabinets or portable file totes are also options.  The key to being organized is finding things when you need them, so label your files the way your brain will look for things.

Time management is very important in helping us all stay organized. Planning your day can make the difference between a productive day and a wasted day.  Try assigining blocks of time to tasks which align with your goals for the day - prioritize those which are the most important and give them adequate time on your calendar.  Interrupted on a regular basis?  Plan for these breaks as well on your calendar and, if possible,  close your office door, turn off the phone and computer sound and get to work!

Once you have these systems in place, your day should flow more smoothly and the office appearance improved.  Still having problems?  Give us a call for some hands on help!  And visit us at for our Ten Tips for A More Efficient Work Day!

                 Happy holidays to all! We hope to see you in the New Year.

                              Muffy and JoEllen

P. S. Find more inspiration on our Office Organizing Ideas board on Pinterest.

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