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Preserving Your Memories

Happy New Year


Happy Get Organized Month!!

What kind of New Year’s Resolutions have you made this year? 

We hope that the advice we offer throughout the year with our monthly newsletters will help you reach your goals.

As we enter the homes of our customers, one of the organizing projects frequently on the back burner is organizing the memorabilia.  There is usually so much to sort through and the task quickly becomes overwhelming.  When the time comes for a special celebration like a milestone birthday, a mitzvah and/or a graduation party, there is a scramble to find all the special photos and awards that are to be displayed, things are accomplished in a rush, and the result is often a larger mess than when the process began. 

Here are some tips to get started:

A logical first step would be to arrange all the photos chronologically.    If photos are in the envelopes from the store you will likely have dates to help you along; in more recent years there may even be a date on the back of the photo to help.  Once there is a general order, it is time to sort through the photos, label them if desired, and set aside those photos you intend to use in another manner if that is the case.  We find it is best to work backwards-----date and label the most recent photos first. Then armed with a calendar or diary you will be able to work backward through the years. 

Organizing the digital photos may be a little easier since they all contain a date stamp.  However, it may still be beneficial to have them organized chronologically on your computer.  Some operating systems may do this automatically or you may sort them yourself into folders by year then by month or specific activities during that particular year.  You may want to create another folder for those photos that you wish to print.  Remember to back up and save all your photos to another medium.

In addition to photos, we know that there are many other items that you want to hold onto like artwork, school papers, and various awards.  Will these be packed away in a box somewhere?  If so, then purchase containers that are well suited for what you plan to store.  There are many portfolios available in craft and office supply stores that will hold the artwork and awards without the need to fold them.  Awards can be displayed, and rotated occasionally if there are a lot.  Another option would be to take photos of these items-----this will take up much less space!

Once the photos and other memorabilia are in order you may have reached your goal, or you may decide on another project like frames, scrapbooking, or even a photo book.  How you decide to tell a story is up to you-----is this about a vacation, a year in review, or highlights from a career or school.

As new photos and other memorabilia are created, be sure to quickly add them to the system you have created so the task does not become overwhelming again.

It all sounds so easy, but you may be overwhelmed by the time commitment!  If you are interested in scheduling your time better, so you will have more personal time, consider attending our upcoming time management seminar It’$ About Time, and discover how easy it can be to find the time to accomplish those tasks that are important to you.  This seminar will focus on time management for both work and home.  Call Muffy at 216.321.6126, or send an email if you have any questions. 

Happy New Year,

      JoEllen & Muffy



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