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The Benefits of Being Organized

Just the other day, a friend of mine thanked me for being so organized!  We had worked together on a fundraiser raffle and silent auction, and she said it was a pleasure to work with me because I was so calm and well organized.  What a nice compliment - would you like your friends and relatives to say the same about you?  Then keep reading... 

While not everyone needs to organize an event, we all need to be able to organize our paperwork for our taxes.  Now is the perfect time to get your papers together.  You should be receiving lots of documents now that say  "Important Tax Information Enclosed" on them.  Gather all of these together and begin a TAX file if you do not already have one.  Receipts for donations, year-end investment reports, mortgage information, retirement, checking and savings statements should also go into the TAX file.  By having this all gathered ahead of the time you need to prepare the taxes, you will be able to recognize the papers you are waiting for.  If you are missing any documents, you will have time to find the information.  Being organized about your taxes can save you time and money (remember to take those deductions for donations)!  Now would also be a great time to make a Taxes file for next year!

We recently worked with a client who had a new kitchen but never felt like it was being utilized in the best way.  She recognized that it was not an use of her new space, but did not know where to begin.  If you feel the same way, ask yourself the questions we ask...Are my cooking supplies close to the stove?  Are my dishes close to the dishwasher for easy unloading?  Does my pantry have "like" things together so I can find items and not need to buy extras because I can't find them?  The location of these items can once again save you time and money!  Find more ideas like this photo on our Pinterest Kitchen Organizing Ideas board.

Do you have too much paper lying around your house in piles?  Do you find yourself putting them into bags and hiding them for parties?  We all catch ourselves doing this from time to time,  but we love to help people develop systems.  We particularly love plastic totes with handles, like the one shown here,which allow for hanging files.  This way, you can still pay your bills and make phone calls at the kitchen table, but there is an easy way to clean the piles up and have them put away in labeled files.  Your friends and relatives will certainly compliment you on your clear surfaces!

We hope you find a project of your own which will give you great satisfaction when you achieve your goal of being better organized.  Feel free to share your successes with us by emailing me at  Happy Organizing!          

                                       Muffy and JoEllen

PS  We had technical difficulties with our website in January, so if you tried to request a free consultation, we did not receive it.  We apologize and ask that you try again...we would love to help you!


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