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Tips For An Organized 2019

January was National Get Organized Month!  Did you get better organized last month?  It's likely you made a New Year's resolution to get organized or to lose weight - very popular choices!  So, here are a few tips for 2019 in case you want to work on your organizing skills this year.

We love to help people become better organized with their finances - this can help you save time, money (no late fees or interest to pay) and reduce the stress of paying bills.  First, be sure to have a bill paying center - a central place where bills are kept, as well as envelopes, stamps and the checkbook.  Everything in one place means it's a snap to write some checks or process them on the computer.  File the paid bills all together to save time - a Paid Bills 2019 file will be sufficient.  Now is the perfect time to sort the paperwork you need for 2018 taxes and shred old bills from 2018.

Have projects throughout the house you would like to tackle?  Take them on one at a time.  Too often tackling a large project seems too overwhelming, so it never gets started.  Try one drawer or cupboard at a time - sort out trash, donations, and keep.  Put items which belong elsewhere in a separate pile to be returned to their proper homes later.  Keep at your task for a minimum of 15 minutes (set a timer), and you will be surprised how much you can accomplish!

Many of our customers struggle with time management.  Perhaps your goal for the year is to be on time for meetings and events.  The first step is choosing a calendar and using it!  If you prefer paper to electronic, that is fine - I use both.  Electronic calendars can help you with alerts and reminders, so that is a great benefit.  If you are habitually late, try planning your schedule for leaving earlier than you need to - leave ten minutes of extra time so you can actually leave when you should!

Need hands on help to work on your projects or set time management goals?  Just give Muffy a call at 216-321-6126 to get on our schedule!

                                  Happy Organizing!

                                  Muffy and JoEllen


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