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April is Tackle Your Clutter Month

April 5, 2008
 As the days begin to warm, and Spring is really in the air, many of us turn our thoughts to Spring Cleaning.  Kind of hard to clean areas that are cluttered, so Organizing 4 U recommends that you spend 15 minutes a day on an area that you wish was more clutter free.  Can't decide where to start?  Pick an area that would make the most difference in your life if it contained less clutter.  This may be the entrance point to your home, the kitchen or the bedroom.  Whatever the place, set the timer and select a task to concentrate on for only 15 minutes.  Start sorting the items that need to go to other areas of the home, in the trash or that you wish to donate.  At this point, only make piles, and distribute the piles when the 15 minutes are up; otherwise you run the risk of getting distracted.  Involve others in the household whenever possible.  Every day you will be rewarded by less clutter and more progress toward your goal.   Good luck, and drop us a note to tell us how well this works for you.
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April 10, 2018
We hope you are recycling your empty pill bottles. As an alternative, you could also donate them for reuse. Matthew 25: Ministries accepts pill bottles and other items to aid the "poorest of the poor." "Caring For A Needy World With The Things We Throw...
April 6, 2018
Our latest newsletter was an April Fool. Enjoy! If you are interested in organizing tips on the first of every month, be sure to sign up at the end of this newsletter. Thanks!
April 3, 2018
Are you a prisoner of your own clutter? 40 years into the war on clutter, and we’re still overwhelmed by stuff. What’s going on? We will help free you! Give us a call at 216.321.6126, or send an email and jump start your organizing project....
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