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Finding Extra Storage

January 23, 2014

Are you still searching for extra storage space?

Bookshelves and stacking storage bins are simple ways to maximize vertical space.  But, in the many homes that we enter, we find that the most under-utilized areas are over our heads.  The simple addition of an extra shelf in a closet can work wonders for storing items that you do not need to access on a day-to-day basis.  These shelves can be used for off-season clothing, rarely used appliances, and memorabilia.

There are many vertical solutions now available for garages to store your gardening supplies, sports equipment, and tools.  There are even systems that suspend from the ceilings that would be perfect for storage tubs containing your holiday decorations.  For ideas in these areas, be sure to check out our Pinterest pages for Organizing for the Garden, Organizing the Workshop, and Garage Organizing Ideas

Don’t want to reach so high?  Then consider under the bed storage solutions.  Most of us like to hide things under there anyway…why not containerize your items to keep them fresh and dust free.  There are many storage containers that will fit under the bed; some even have wheels and will serve as an extra drawer.  We recently worked with someone who used this system for storage under the living room sofas to store items used there.  If there is not enough room under the bed, then consider bed risers to adjust the height of the space you want to utilize.  These are available from Bed, Bath and Beyond, and similar stores.

You can also make the lower areas in the kitchen more accessible.  If your kitchen cupboards are deep, and you have trouble reaching everything in the back, then install roll out drawers and bring all the items in the back to the front with ease.  The photo on the left illustrates how we optimized storage with these drawers when we organized a home for Ladies Home Journal.  These are a breeze to install, just remember to measure first!  An alternative would be to use baskets or boxes to contain the items so you will not have to keep reaching all the way in the back.

We hope these tips will help,

JoEllen & Muffy

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