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Finding Homes for Your Belongings

November 12, 2013

After you have selected a small space and sorted the contents you now need to Assign A Home for those items. When you think about where you will be putting your belongings, whether it is keys or clothes or paper, think about how you will look for a specific item the next time that you need it. 

Quick...that is the place where it belongs!

Where are you going to look for your umbrella the next time rain is in the forecast?  Is it in an umbrella stand in the foyer?  Maybe it is in the closet where you keep your raincoat.  It could even be in your car.  What is important is that it is in a place that make sense to you.  What about the information you keep related to your car?  There are a variety of ways name this file: car, auto, clunker, the make of the car, the model of the car,  the owner of the car, etc.  Just create a file, label it and put it the most logical place for you. If you follow this simple rule when selecting homes for your things, then you will be able to find anything the next time you need it. 

We believe that organizing is NOT the same as throwing things away.  Rather, it is all about being able to quickly locate something you want the next time you need it

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