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Finding The Perfect Gift

November 24, 2009

In all of the above cases, a gift card is often the most appropriate gift of all.  Some of us do not like to give a gift card because it seems less personal.  But think about how much fun it would be to receive a gift card to a favorite store. You could use it to purchase that little extra something that was not necessarily in your budget.

Sheryl Harris, of the Cleveland Plain Dealer reported last week that in Ohio "store cards must hold their full value for two years. The law doesn't extend to gift cards that can be used at multiple stores and new federal protections won't go into effect until August. If you opt for a multi-store card, read the terms carefully." The Consumer Federation of America is offering a free credit card gift wrapper that can be used when giving a gift card.   This is actually an attractive wrapper with information on purchasing and using the different kinds of gift cards that are available.

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