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Sorting Tips for Your Organizing Project

August 13, 2013

Almost all of our organizing projects begin with a massive sorting process.  Whether it is the clothes in a closet, piles of paper, memorabilia or time, to get a handle on what is in a particular area, we need to sort through the items that are in the place we have selected to start.

So, we continue with our second tip which is SORT AND TOSS.

The key to being organized is being able to find things when you need them, so keeping like things together makes them easier to find!  After cleaning out your drawer, closet or room, sorting is the key to putting things away where they belong.

Make four categories and place each item in one pile or another; keep, toss, donate or belongs in another place.

All the items which are in the "keep" pile can go back to the area they came from.  These will be items which you are using regularly and are in the proper place where you would look for them first.

Items which can be "tossed" should be thrown into a trash bag which you have right next to you while you are sorting.  If an item is broken, worn, or totally useless, please throw it away or recycle it.  Recycling can be a great way to reduce your clutter and help the environment.  Don't let too much recycling slow you down, though, or you might not finish your project!

"Donate" items should be itemized on a list and taken to  your favorite charity for a tax deduction!  It is a wonderful feeling to share items with others which are no longer useful to you.

Lastly, place items which "belong in another room" in a box or a laundry basket so you can return them to their proper place when you are finished sorting.  Leaving the room to take an item somewhere else often leads to distractions and you may forget to come back to your project!  Then you will really have a mess when you come back to the room you started in!

So, use our egg timer tip from last week if you have trouble staying on task, and SORT AND TOSS  until you have a neat and tidy space.

How is the organizing project coming along?

Muffy & JoEllen

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